Guy, Bournemouth,

Firstly, I must tell you of my fear of being eaten by great whites 100% successful….

When Nigel worked with me on my fear when swimming in my triathlons at his acupressure/eft workshop, I was one of the demonstrations for the group.

I have been waiting all summer for an opportunity to experiment and I swam much further out to sea than I have ever done before, interestingly, I was still very much aware feeling afraid but the fear didn’t affect me!

I was aware at the time how curious this sensation was, anyway mission accomplished after one session !

Many Thanks, Nigel

Steve, Christchurch.

I suffered from severe presentation anxiety impacting my ability to do my job, which is a constant pressure in my role. This was impacting my day to day life, and potential promotion opportunities.

After working with Nigel I had improved confidence in front of large audiences, and a marked reduction in the physiological responses that were caused by the anxiety i.e. shaking, sweating, inability to focus or talk articulately.

Nigel was very polite, welcoming and supportive. I believe he has a genuine desire for people to reach their full potential and he shows this in the way he interacts on a personal level.


C Moore, Christchurch. UK.

Focus & Attention on my game…..

Before I went to see Nigel I didn’t have the attention span to help my golf game.
When setting up shots, random things would come into my mind causing me to lose focus
and be less consistent.

After working with Nigel I can take more consideration with shots and be more
consistent over all my game

Thanks Nigel, I’ll be back!

Private Client, Ferndown Golf Club

Calming State of Mind….

My head was all over the place and I had trouble with controlling myself before working with Nigel.

While not perfect (yet) I am able to deal with the situation a lot quicker when there are problems like a bad shot, and ‘let it go’ and move on to the next without it affecting me.

It is also less noticeable to others. Many thanks Nigel

Connor, Dorset

Before meeting with Nigel at 4u2empower I really struggled over the past 2 years to make any enhancement to my game, this was due to the lack of recall of how I had played at that time.

When I had a round of golf, whether it was in competition or not,
everything was so muddled when I tried to remember the order of shots and how I had played them etc.

After working with Nigel my recall has improved 100%. So much so,
I can now recall so much in detail and learn from my game, what I did well and what to improve.
Thank you Nigel so much.

Private client, Hampshire

I’m happy to report, that it just keeps getting better. I now approach the tee with great confidence. What a change from the fear I had just a few weeks ago – never sure what was going to happen. The trigger points and routine we have worked on have now become second nature.

1. Trigger points
2. Stance
3. Grip
4. Club face
5. Head down
6. Swing
7. Follow through

Immediately my driving improved from about 50% OK to around 90%+ with increased distance.

Thanks Nigel

Private Client, Hampshire

I first met Nigel at a social function and I mentioned the frustration I was having with a short par 3 over a pond. “I can help you with that” said Nigel.

Nigel has a calming influence which made me believe that it might just work – but I needed proof. The remedy appeared simple – and so a few days later, when I arrived at the 3rd tee, I gave it a go – That proof came when I used his techniques to achieve outcomes I could have only dreamt of. The ball landed on the green a few feet from the pin.

I won’t say that it happens every time but there has been a vast improvement. Thanks Nigel I will see you again.

Alan Baker, Southampton

For some years I was happy with my golf … and then suddenly it changed, seemingly for no reason! I was slicing, hooking and not getting the ball in the air. After a few weeks this became a real mental barrier and I began to expect my drive to be ineffective. I was despairing about this when I met Nigel, a qualified Mind Coach.

Nigel went through a system of trigger points and partial hypnosis, and techniques I can use discreetly at the tee. I put Nigel’s techniques into practice in my next round. Unbelievably 6 out of 8 of my drives were straight, long and high (two were exceptionally long). I have played several times since our session together and the improvement is still there. I don’t really understand how it works – but it’s amazing! I confidently recommend you speak to Nigel.