Looking to improve where you are in your sport? Whether a professional in pursuit of peak performance, looking to overcome a barrier or just really wanting to get better. Your state of mind is paramount.


Many sportsmen and women have found that on the path to reaching their true potential, at some point their mental state will hinder their progress, even when their bodies are fighting fit. Many have also found that overcoming those mental barriers requires more support than physical ones.

Whether it’s about maintaining the required stamina to reach peak physical fitness, or channelling the necessary focus to reach a personal best, the mind and body must work in absolute harmony to achieve that end goal. To discuss how we can help you achieve your sporting ambition, get in touch.


Frustrated with your performance? Looking to take your chosen sport to the next level?  We use proven Technics when supporting you overcome mental barriers and to use your mind as a tool for success. Whatever your level, professional or amateur, together we can look at your sporting ambitions and set about reaching them.

A game of the body and mind; we can work alongside your technical trainer to give you all of the tools required to improve any aspect of your sport. Read on to find out more about how we can help you.

Getting the most from your life and or sport

We have a proven track record in helping our clients make drastic and immediate improvements. Head to our testimonials page to hear from those who we’ve already helped. Read testimonials >

Acupressure Bournemouth

Reconnecting the mind and body

Are you struggling to do something now, that in the past you would been able to achieve? Does frustration set in after a bad performance that then interferes with the next? Do you come across an obstacle that throws you or your game? Are there times that little niggling voice hinders you?

Do you have a phobia about what you want to do, or a fear that holds you back from achieving?

We can help. Using techniques that focus the mind we can promote positive thoughts and the overcoming of psychological barriers; reconnecting the mind and body.


Hypnotherapy Bournemouth

Changing behaviours to enhance your game

Do you ever begin or take part in your sport thinking that you’re not going to do well? Are you self conscious, or feel intimidated by a competitor? Do you get worried about how you will perform in a competition?

We can help. Through gentle hypnosis deeply held behaviours and beliefs can be re-evaluated. Whether confronting something from your past that is holding you back, or establishing a new inner conviction for success, our relaxation techniques can be valuable and highly powerful tools; changing behaviours to enhance your game.

Hypnotherapy Bournemouth
Mindfullness Bournemouth

Focusing on your game

Do repeating thoughts interfere when you are trying to concentrate? Does your mind get distracted when you need to focus? Do negative thoughts throw you off?

We can help. Through techniques such as mindfulness we can focus in on our surroundings and try to slow down our overly busy minds. Through achieving a state of heightened awareness you can re position your body and mind, completely focusing on what you want to achieve.

“After a session with Nigel establishing a system of trigger points and partial hypnosis, 6 out of 8 of my drives went straight, long and high. I don’t really understand how it works, but believe me it does”

Alan Baker – Southampton

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